Ever since my youth, I have been fascinated by the Zugspitze, the most outstanding formation at the far end of Bavaria highlands. During Foehn winds, I often saw beyond huge areas of water and of moraines of Upper Bavaria the mountain range of the Alps - presenting an attractiv, rocky, glistening, and rich variety of shapes.

Among all the landscapes, the Alps are my favorite retreat. Observing mountains during the ever changing seasons and at different daytimes and weather conditions have always inspired my art, both in drawing and painting. Situated near to Munich, my home town, I owe most of my inspiration to Berchtesgaden and the Werdenfelser Land. All movements around a mountain and the continuous change of forms during those movements were the inspirations for "Wetterstein positions".15 panels show the Wetterstein mountains from different points of view that I've wandered on numerous tours.

My first associations with Allgäu immediately showed me the endless variety of greens on its grassy mountains with its slightly undulating alp meadows in front. Allgäu is a countryside where just a few dark forest colours interrupt, with deep notches, and in the far distance I see the bright, austere mountain range of the Alps. The most attractive mountain forms are definitely the "Hoher Ifen", "Gottesacker" with "Gottesackerwände" and the "Hochvogel".


  • 130-16-03-4WEBWaxen motion 4
  • 140-16-03-3WEBWaxen motion 3
  • 150-16-03-1WEBWaxen motion 2
  • 160-10-01-WEBEnclosed basin of Karwendelspitz
  • 170-10-2-WEBWinterwetterstein
  • 180_09-1kramer4WEBMostly Kramer - nearly the Zugspitz 4
  • 190_08-8kramer2WEBMostly Kramer - nearly the Zugspitz 2
  • 200-zugspitz-soiern-x500Zugspitz in the ascent of Soiern
  • 210-zugspitz-eisenweg-600Zugspitz Via Ferrata
  • 220-zugspitz-x500Zugspitz
  • 230-wettersteingewoelk-x500Wetterstein darkened 4
  • 240-wetterstein-2-600Wetterstein 2
  • 250-wetterstein-1991-x500Wetterstein
  • 260-wetterstein-positionen-5-600Wetterstein positions 5
  • 270-wetterstein-positionen-3-600Wetterstein positions 3
  • 280-wetterstein-positionen-9-600Wetterstein positions 9
  • 300-woernerkar-600Wörner Kar
  • 310-karwendel-oi-2-600Karwendel oi 2 (Rainlähne)
  • 320-karwendel-oi-3-x500Karwendel oi 3 (Große Wanne)
  • 330-soiern-2-x500Soiern 2
  • 340-fuenf-seen-dynamisch-600Five Lakes in dynamic View
  • 350-karwendel-3-woerner-600Karwendel 3 Wörner
  • 355-karwendel-4-600Karwendel 4
  • 360-fernsicht-600View ("Fernsicht")
  • 370-chiemgau-regen-rueckwaerts-600Chiemgau Rain Backwards
  • 380-blaueis-hochkalter-600Blue Ice Hochkalter
  • 410-obersee-2-x500Obersee 2
  • 420-watzmann-wollust-600Watzmann's lust
  • 430-hoeferspitz-600Höferspitz - Allgäu 1
  • 440-allgaeu-1-600Wannenkopf - Allgäu 2
  • 450-trettachspitzeTrettachspitze & Mädelegabel

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