Flying over a landscape. The subject that keeps occupying me is the possibility of turning spatial sights into abstractions and the challenging exchange between space and surface. The horizon then folds high up in the picture and only a slight shadow separates heights and depths turning the idea of space into a more or less vague idea. Actually, space seems to disappear from one moment to the next, creating a new abstract image by means of colors only. These terraces defined by shadows will always be my main concern in the interpretation of the interaction between form and space, as expressed in the sequel "im fluge westalpen". (Flying over the Western Alps)
 When looking at the sequels “aper 1” and “aper 2”, the spectator becomes aware of the access and decent movement via the interaction between dark and clear colors, while “aper 3-4-5” completes a decent across a rock slip.


  • 200_09-2-3-aperWEBAper 3
  • 210_09-2-4-aperWEBAper 4
  • 220_09-2-5-aperWEBAper 5
  • 230_09-2-1-aperWEBAper 1
  • 240_09-2-2-aperWEBAper 2
  • 315_13-03-3-greyWEB-1Patagonien Sequel 8 - Grey Silentio
  • 317_99-5-SchlernWEBLooking down at Sciliar
  • 320_97-8-10-ifl-WEBFlying over the Western Alps 10
  • 330_97-8-5-ifl-WEBFlying over the Western Alps 5
  • 340_97-8-2-ifl-WEBFlying over the Western Alps 2
  • 350_88-24-ifl-WEBFlying over 24

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