It is always a fascination for me to watch the countryside during a flight in a plane, - to be able to see mountain ranges from a much higher point of view than it would be possible just from mountain peaks. The "Langkofel series" and "Looking down at Sciliar" captured these impressions.
During my tour through Brenta, an area for mountain climbers - I was impressed by the twilight of of day and night changes, which illuminates some peaks with a magical light so they seem to shimmer while the rest of the countryside already lays in soft, dark, and deep colours.


  • 170-fanes1Land of the Fanes 1 - Cinque Torri
  • 180-fanes2Land of the Fanes 2 - Pelmo
  • 190-fanes3Land of the Fanes 3 - Puez Geisler
  • 200-brenta-1-600Brenta 1
  • 210-brenta-2-600Brenta 2
  • 220-brenta-4-600Brenta 4
  • 230-sasso-lungo-5-x500Sasso Lungo 5
  • 240-sasso-lungo-1-x500Sasso Lungo 1
  • 250-sasso-lungo-2-x500Sasso Lungo 2
  • 260-angkofel-x500Langkofel
  • 270-schlern-x500Looking down at Sciliar
  • 280-sasso-lungo-600Sasso Lungo

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