The alps of Bavaria, Austria, Switzerland and Italy are the main subject of Petra Thalmeier's mountain paintings Other paintings show mountain scenes from Norway, North- and South America, and South Africa. Ethnological works of art concentrating on the people of these regions complete these mountainous landscapes.




The wood carved mountain art-objects of Bavarian artist Petra Thalmeier combine fine arts and mountains. They are divided in groups: a small series of wall attached mountain ranges, massive free standing mountain pedestals that arise from the ground, and pocket-art objects that allow to carry these miniature mountain sculptures wherever you go.



The section digital artwork shows Petra Thalmeier's photo-sequences about permanent environmental changes, accompanied by short videos of the countryside in motion. Also you'll find digital sketches of mountainous landscapes that will be realized as serigraphic in small edition.



Sketches and drawings of mountains on paper, cardboard and sandpaper, in sketchbooks and artist books, as well as drawings in phonebooks, like the artist's tele-night diaries ("telenachttageb├╝cher"), the elephant's book, and the blue mood book.




Special art projects and background information on the art of Petra Thalmeier.




Accompanying the paintings on canvas you will see sketches and drawings of mountains that have been created at the original locations: sketchbooks, diaries and studies on different notepads with varying techniques like coal, pencil, pierre noire, gouache or oil pastel.