"Black-and-white" - the title of some wall attached art-objects  is a suggestion that ecologists and environmentalists have been thinking in black and white for decades, as if they would have exaggerated all climate changes completely. The title also describes the first glimpse of a glacier in summertime: between light areas covered with ice you'll see dark areas of rocks, where the ice has melted already.


  • 200-1pasterzPasterz 1
  • 210-2pasterzPasterz 2
  • 220-3pasterzPasterz 3
  • 222-09-04-2WEBBrenta 2 - Glaciers vanishing (Sfulmini)
  • 223-09-04-4WEBBrenta 4 - Glaciers vanishing (Vallesinella)
  • 224-09-04-1WEBBrenta 1 - Glaciers vanishing (Ambiez)
  • 230-6pasterzBlack 'n white 6 (Pasterz)
  • 240-bergidyll-600Bergidyll
  • 250_austerdalbreen-600Black 'n white 2 (Austerdalbreen)
  • 260_buarbreen-600Black 'n white 5 (Buarbreen)
  • 290_wandlandschaft-4-600Wall attached Mountain Range 4

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