The special art project: "melted, 37 views of glaciers, (2002-2004)",  is a result of my constant interest in glaciers and my intention to draw peoples attention to the fast melting process. Most of my glacier views are painted from satellite pictures on small sized panels. 25€ of each painting sold is donated to the Glacier Archive of Gesellschaft für ökologische Forschung, Munich. These artworks were shown in the exhibitions "Glaciers and greenhouse effect"  (Gletscher im Treibhaus) in the Alpine Museum Munich in 2004 and in Alpine Museum Kempten in 2008. In both shows Sylvia Hamberger and Wolfgang Zängl presented old glacier photographs from a hundred years ago with new ones from 2000 up to 2007. These comparisons demonstrate in an alarming way the disappearance of alpine glaciers. During the very hot summer of 2003 the "perpetual ice" of the Alps lost up to ten percent of its volume.





melted glacier 1
abgeschmolzen 5
melted glacier 5
 abgeschmolzen 9
melted glacier 9
 abgeschmolzen 18
melted glacier 18