Each exhibition is a source for excitement and inspiration for me. Archeology and ethnology - the art of past centuries moves me to creativity. During my work at the Ethnological Museum in Munich there were frequent contacts with Tibet ("Cham dancer") and Mongolia. Through the exhibitions or artifacts from the store-rooms, the objects became alive for me ("Tabasco").
The many important Africa-shows in the nineties, intensified by visits to the overcrowded store-rooms of Musée de l' Homme in Paris, led me to a series of fetish paintings and drawings of masks.
Horst Antes huge collection of Kachinas started not only my intense study of Pueblo Indians, but also the need to express this experience in large sized "street scenes with Kachinas" on canvas. Last but not least, my birthday in early November led me to have a much closer look at Mexican rites surrounding death (dia de los muertos), especially the ones from southern Mexico.
"Culture is encoded wisdom" Wangari Maathai


  • 200-tabasco-mexiko-x500Tabasco, Mexiko
  • 210-mexiko-muertos-x500Dia de los Muertos, Mexiko
  • 220-cham-tibet-x500Cham Dancer, Tibet
  • 230-mongolische-bogenschuetzen-x500Mongolian Bowmen
  • 240-kachinas-1-600Street Scenery with Kachinas I
  • 250-kachinas-2-600Street Scenery with Kachinas II
  • 260-kemai-nigeria-x500Kemai, Nigeria
  • 270-dan-liberia-x500Dan, Liberia

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