Norway, the home of glaciers, fjords and waterfalls will always be an endless source of inspiration to my landscape paintings.
Especially the clearness of the atmosphere and the bright light on the Lofoten and Vesterale Islands had been most inspiring. Klokketinden - are a group of artworks result from those impressions.
Wandering to the glacier's tongue Buarbreen of the Folgefonn Glacier, to Odinsbreen and Torsbreen of the Austerdalbreen, to Jostedalsbreen, or to Svartisen they have found their artificial transformation in my "black 'n white series" of lime wood wall art works.
The series "stream of thoughts" follows a mountain river from the glacier to the coast, documented in nine paintings. This series also associates the "floating of thought": The transformation of water from the glacier's ice into a bubbling little stream and further changed into a big river which is flowing into the sea.
... and finally, the far distanced Helleristinger rock carvings can also be found in Norwegian midsummer nights.


  • 200-gedankenfluss-1-x500Stream of thoughts 1
  • 210-gedankenfluss-2-x500Stream of thoughts 2
  • 220-gedankenfluss-5-x500Stream of thoughts 5
  • 230-gedankenfluss-6-x500Stream of thoughts 6
  • 240-klokktinden-2-600Klokktinden 2
  • 250-strind-fjellet-x500Strind Fjellet
  • 260-postkort-6-600Postkort 6
  • 270-postkort-2-600Postkort 2

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